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"One of the tightest and most virtuosic old-time bands ever!"

--Gail Gillespie, editor of The Old-Time Herald magazine.

"This has to be some of the best old-time to be put on record since the 1920s!" --Jon Anderson

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12 Citico

Featuring the powerhouse fiddling of Brad Leftwich and fueled by the superb rhythm section of Bob Herring on guitar, Randy Marmouze on banjo, and Linda Higginbotham on banjo uke, the Humdingers were a group of friends from Bloomington, Indiana, who also happened to be some of the finest old-time musicians in the country. After Brad won first-place fiddle and the band won first-place traditional band at the 1990 Appalachian String Band Festival in Clifftop, West Virginia, the group went on to play semi-professionally for several years, joined by the incomparable Dirk Powell on bass. Included here are 12 newly mastered tracks from their only release, the 1992 cassette First Take (Yodel-Ay-Hee 007) along with 10 tracks recorded live in 1993 with banjo ace Ray Alden. This CD is dedicated to old-time music lovers everywhere with the assurance that every track is a real humdinger! 


Mastered and released in 2005 by Chubby Dragon Productions.

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