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"I didn’t know that it was possible, but I think I’ve worn out the grooves on this CD. I can only begin to describe how spectacular it is." 

--Larry Edelmen, dance caller, musician, videographer.

"I truly love how you have walked the fine line of new and original while still being the best traditional string band in the world." --Ben Thompson

"Got the CD today. Love it! Love it! Might just put the dang thing under my pillow tonight!" --Kurt Dugan, radio DJ, "Up in the Hollar"

Rise & Bloom outside cover.jpeg
Rise & Bloom inside cover.jpeg
06 Shortenin' Bread

Our newest CD includes a mix of some of our favorite instrumentals and vocals, honed through years of playing as friends, as well as some "humdingers" worked up just for this album. Brad's fiddling here draws on tunes learned from visits with Howe Teague, Bertie Mae Dickens, Enoch Rutherford, Tommy Jarrell, and Melvin Wine, as well as field recordings of the Collins Family, Sidna & Fulton Myers, Lake Porter and others. Included are three banjo solos by Brad.

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