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"Brad's fiddling has all the characteristics of the great old-timers, complexity delivered with the illusion of ease."  --Seattle Weekly

"A true nectar for the ears of the fans."  --Folk Bulletin (Italy)

"Fiddle player Brad Leftwich and banjo player Linda Higginbotham render the traditional fiddle music of the rural South with obvious love and tremendous spirit." --Billboard Magazine

Lost Child CD outside.jpeg
Lost Child CD inside.jpeg
Sample: The Lost Child

Live and reissued material from Brad Leftwich and Linda Higginbotham’s much-heralded but long-out-of-print LPs, Buffalo Gal (1983) and No One to Bring Home Tonight (1985), plus additional live performances from the 1980s. This album is a mix of instrumentals and vocals, primarily trios with some duets and solos. Brad Leftwich on fiddle, finger-picking banjo, and vocals; Linda Higginbotham on clawhammer banjo, banjo uke, and vocals; Kenny Jackson on guitar and vocals; Mark Ritchie on guitar; and Bob Herring on guitar and vocals.

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